1.The world’s leading manufacturer of Xanthan gum,Oil Driling Chemicals etc.
2.Handle about 200,000 tons of chemicals,doing over 20,000 deliveries with a turnover of about 25,000,000 USD.
3.We start the bussiness since the year 1997.

Rubber & Plastic additives

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide



Rubber Activator ZnO

1.Product Name: zinc oxide

2.Appearance: white or light yellow powder


4.Melting Point:1975°c


6.Solubility:dissolve in acid or alkaline solution,it is insoluble in water or ethanol

7.Characteristic and Usage:

    <1>Its high activity,even granularity and high dispering ablity enable rubber vulcanization of rubber more completely.

    <2>It can improve the viscidity of rubber compound and enhance the adhesive force between rubber and striture materials such as steel wire and code fabric,etc.

    <3>Its good dynamic performance make rubber products have good anti-oxide property with little deformation,low heat generation and high anti-abrasion. 

8. Packaging Detail: standar package: 25kg/bag, we can also supply packing according to client's requirment.

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