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2.Handle about 200,000 tons of chemicals,doing over 20,000 deliveries with a turnover of about 25,000,000 USD.
3.We start the bussiness since the year 1997.


What is Oil Drilling Grade xanthan gum
2014-11-03 14:37:49


Oil Drilling Grade xanthan gum is a bio- synthetic rubber , was the class of white or light yellow powder. Industrial grade xanthan gum as an efficient, environmentally friendly oil drilling mud additives, for a wide range of temperature , PH, salt has a strong resistance ,Oil Drilling grade xanthan gum can significantly improve the penetration of the mud and the ability of suspended solids , reducing the pressure loss in the drilling process , and stable wall , to reduce damage to the reservoir , significantly improved drilling, workover , completion efficiency.
Oil Drilling Grade xanthan gum Features:
1 highlights and water-soluble high viscosity ;
2 unique pseudoplastic rheological characteristics ;
3 excellent temperature, PH value stability ;
4 with acid, alkali, salt , enzymes , surfactants , preservatives , co- oxidants and other thickeners , a stable compatibility.
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