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2.Handle about 200,000 tons of chemicals,doing over 20,000 deliveries with a turnover of about 25,000,000 USD.
3.We start the bussiness since the year 1997.


The features of xanthan gum
2014-11-04 14:19:54


Xanthan Gum can be widely used as salt/acid resistant thickener,high efficient suspension agent and emulsifier,high viscosity filling agent in viarous food and beverang.It can not only enhance the performance of water-keeping and shape-keeping,but also improve the freeze/thaw stability and mouth-feeling of food and beverage products.Meanwhile,Xanthan Gum can extend the shelf life of products,simplifying the filling and sterilization during the course of production.Little consume of  Xanthan Gum can save lots of production cost and increase the profit rate.
1) High efficiency thickening
2) A high degree pseudo-plasticity over board shear rate and concentration range
3) Stable in both acidic and alkaline solutions
4) Exhibit little solution viscosity change over a wide temperature range
5) Compatible with solutions containing high concentration of various salt
6) Provide excellent suspension for insoluble solids and oil droplets
7) Extremely effective emulsion and foam stabilizer
8) Show synergism with guar and locust bean gum
9) Provide excellent mouth-feel to various foods
10) Impart freeze and thaw stability
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