1.The world’s leading manufacturer of Xanthan gum,Oil Driling Chemicals etc.
2.Handle about 200,000 tons of chemicals,doing over 20,000 deliveries with a turnover of about 25,000,000 USD.
3.We start the bussiness since the year 1997.

Drilling fluid additives

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AU-8  Anti-Swelling/Sand Control Agent
anti-swelling/sand control agent for oil drilling service
AU-7 Cooling Water Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
cooling water acid corrosion inhibitor for oil field drilling
AU-6 Fluoboric Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
Fluoboric acid corrosion inhibitor for oil drilling service
AU-5 Pour Point Depressant
Pour Point depressant for oil field drilling
AU-4 Clay Stabilizer
clay stabilizer for oil field drilling
AU-1 Flocculant
flocculation process in oil field service
AU-38 Water Injection Corrosion Inhibitor
AU-38 is specially for oil field sewage treatment
AU-37 Oxygen Scavenger
AU-37 solves the oxygen corrosion
AU-36 Water Stabilizer
AU-36 is a kind of corrosion and scale inhibitor
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