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Rubber & Plastic additives

Polyetheramine D-2000

Polyetheramine D-2000



Product name: Polyetheramine D-2000

Polyetheramine D-2000 is a poly (propylene oxide) compound mainly terminated by primary amidogen. It is a critical raw material for a spray polyurea elastomer. The polyurea elastomer, which is prepared from polyetheramineand isocyanate through high-speed mixing and spraying of special equipment, has excellent physical and chemical performance, such as excellent tensile strength, elongation, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance etc.; As the terminal amidogen and the isocyanate group can rapidly react and solidify without solvents, the spray polyurea has excellent workability, eco-friendly performance and wide applications. Polyetheramine can be used for primary structure protection of  important concretes, steel structure etc. commonly found in high-speed railways, large oil storage tanks, water treatment pools of nuclear power plants, mine tailings ponds, wear-resisting lining of pickups, anticorrosive coatings of sea-crossing bridges, aseptic workshops, high-class floor of hospitals, leakproof and anticorrosion of wastewater treatment pools and of city garbage dumps, internal and external protection for land and submarine oil pipelines, ship deck, wear-resisting coating of screws, temporary parking aprons for aircrafts, stadiums and tracks and so on. 



Molecular Weight Wn




Total Amine,meq/g


Primary Amine,%

97 min.


25 max.


0.2 max.

Low viscosity, low color and vapour pressure

Improves flexibility and peel strength

Key Component of Spray Polyurea and RIM
Epoxy Resin Curing Agent

Package: 200kgs/drum

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