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Piroctone Olamine

Piroctone Olamine
Cosmetic ingredients




Piroctone Olamine (octopirox)

CAS No:68890-66-4

Molecular Formula:C14H23NO2·C2H7NO


The scalp depends itself against micro-organisms and fungus infections. The defence system protects the scalp against all kinds of influences that it is expose to. Sometimes this defence system becomes weakened and a certain fungus infection develops called Pityrosporum Ovale. This fungus infection causes considerable cell multiplication. The skin is no longer in a position to defend itself; the scaling becomes rapid, and starts to gather on the scalp. A superfluous cell situation mixing with skin sebum causes dandruffto be formed. People with dandruff experience itchiness of the scalp. Besides this, theirproblem is very often an ongoing one.

Piroctone Olamine is an anti-dandruff active ingredient, soothes inflamed scalp and reduces flaking. It has a specific action against Pityrosporum Ovale, the agent responsible for the production of dandruff. The anti-dandruff product containing Piroctone Olamine destroys the fungus infection that is responsible for the dandruff and works against the formation of new dandruff, makes the scalp stays clean, itch free and prevents the formation of new dandruff, you become free of all the inconvenience relating to dandruff.

After six weeks of treatment, the scalp dandruff decreased 81.7 % by using a shampoo containing 0.5% DF-206, and 68.6% by a 0.5% Zinc pyrithione shampoo.


Appearance                    White or slightly yellow crystalline powder

Identification                   Positive

Odor                                Almost odorless

Content                           Not less than 98%

Melting point                   130 - 135℃

Loss on drying              Not more than 0.3%

Ash (SO4)                      Not more than 0.2%

pH value (1% aq. solu. 20℃)      8.5 – 10.0

Heavy metals                   Not more than 20ppm

Amino Ethanol                 20.1 to 20.9% dried base

Solubility:      Freely soluble in 10% ethanol in water; soluble in solution containing surfactants in water or in 1%-10% ethanol; slightly soluble in water and in oil. The solubility in water varies by pH value, and is a litter larger in neutral or weak basic solution than in acid solution.

Thickening:     Piroctone Olamine increases the viscosity of many surfactant system


a). pH: Stable in solution of pH 3 to pH 9.

b). Heat: Stable to heat, and to short time of high temperature above 80℃. DF-206 in shampoo of pH 5.5-7.0 remains stable after one year of storage at a temperature over 40℃.

c). Light: Decompose under direct ultraviolet radiation. So it should be protected from light.

d). Metals: An aqueous solution of Piroctone Olamine degrades in the presence of cupric and ferric ions.

Compatibility: Piroctone Olamine is compatible with many cosmetic ingredients,especially with cationic surfactants (tetramine salt) and cationic active components. In some cases, this re-mixture increase the solubility of Piroctone Olamine.


Piroctone Olamine is a broad spectrum of microbiocide/microbiostat, may be used informulating antidandruff shampoo, hair keep and hair care, soap, etc.

Rate of Application

Antidandruff hair keep:       0.1-0.8% active ingredient.

Antidandruff fixing agent:       0.05-0.2% active ingredient.

Antidandruff hair emulsion:      0.1-0.3% active ingredient.

Antidandruff hair supporting :    0.05-0.1%active ingredient.

Preservative :                 0.2-0.5% active ingredient

Smell-eliminating agent:        0.2-0.5% active ingredient

Smell-eliminating scented soap:  0.2-0.5% active ingredient.

Package & Storage:

25kgdrum lined black plastic bag. Protect from moisture.

If stored correctly in its original container Piroctone Olamine can be kept for at least three years.

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