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Workover&completion Fluids

Calcium Bromide

Calcium Bromide
Calcium Bromide



Molecular Formula: CaBr2                                          Molecular weight: 199.89

CAS No: 7789-41-5



Calcium Bromide brine is used during workover and completion operations fluids.

It provides inhibition preventing the hydration and migration of swelling clays and

can be used for packer fluids or to adjust the density of other brine systems.


1. Calcium Bromide Solid

Items Index
Formula CaBr2.2H2O
Appearance White Flakes or Powder
Content 95 % min
Moisture 4.5 % max
PH Value 7-9
Insolubles in water 3% max
Chloride 0.1 % max
Sulphide 0.05 % max

2. Calcium Bromide Liquid

Items Index
Formula CaBr2
Appearance Colorless or slight yellow transparent liquid
Content 52 % min
PH Value 6-8
Insolubles in water 3% max
Chloride 0.1 % max
Sulphide 0.05 % max



Packing:In P.P. woven bags of 25 kgs net each P.E. Liner inside (Calcium Bromide Solid) 
Packing:In Plastic drums of 250 kgs net each (Calcium Bromide Liquid)



Calcium Bromide

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