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Other drilling fluid additives

AU-9 Acidizing Mutual Solvent

AU-9 Acidizing Mutual Solvent




AU-9 Acidizing Mutual Solvent 

Oil well acidification process, there is inevitably oleic acid emulsion to form acid residue, such as wettability reversal problem, and each solvent can solve this series of problems and improve the general effect of acidification, it has good water-wetting, anti-acid residue, to prevent acid emulsifying properties, can reduce the oil-water interfacial tension, reduce other additives in the formation of adsorption, reducing the secondary damage caused by acidification, to improve the success rate of acidification.

(1) Appearance: light red transparent liquid;
(2) Density: (20 / 4 degree) g/cm3: 0.89 - 0.92;
(3) Freezing Point: (degree): ≥ -50;
(4) Flash point: (degree): 50;
(5) dispersion: in the oil, water miscible in any proportion;
(6) compatibility: with other acid additives with good compatibility;
(7) surface tension (20 degree) ​​(mN / m): 27 - 32;
(8) acid residue of: trace;
(9) demulsification of: 80 degree5min when the rate of 90% water;
(10) Hydra wet: always maintain the formation water wet;
(11) anti-adsorption: by 1.2m long core, the additives, the performance is essentially the same;
(12) Moisture Resistance (degree): 150.

(1) oil acid treatment, to press 3 - 5% (V) added to the treatment solution or after washing fluid, together you can squeeze into the ground.
(2) wells, acid treatment, to press 3 - 5% (V) added to the pretreatment solution, together you can squeeze into the ground.

(1) Packaging and storage: 200kg iron drum during transport to prevent collision, fire riot, should be stored in the shade.
(2) effective storage period: three years.

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