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AU-8 Anti-Swelling/Sand Control Agent

AU-8  Anti-Swelling/Sand Control Agent




AU-8 Anti-Swelling/Sand Controll Agent

Sand production will reduce oil production, damage to the casing or cause other damage to the equipment, chemical or mechanical methods to control the formation of unconsolidated sand, has been widely used in various fields, and a complete matching technology. But the mechanical processes such as sand or clay, fine sand on the higher levels of sand strata, showing the obvious limitations of low efficiency, short period, while the anti-construction process frequently flushing, red sand, it is difficult to successfully for sand control operations. Thus, the stability of fine sand, or sand to prevent the expansion of operations in a temporary stabilization of sand, the production has an important significance. According to the site needs, we developed a powder that may prevent the migration of sand can prevent the expansion of the clay additives, the indoor tests show that a good layer of loose sand "curing" effect, as well as some anti-erosion ability. The agent in connection with straight carbon chain and a multi-amine carbon chain cationic group, the performance of the wettability of sandstone, can be adsorbed on the surface. Connected to the sand, to sand consolidation purposes, the cationic group has a strong affinity for clay performance, the ability of hydrocarbon and salt erosion, which is due to the positively charged ions on the polymer chains and clay layers and the surface of the crystal with low cation ion exchange occurs, and "neutralize" the clay crystal layer and the surface of the negative charge, the crystal layer and the particles reduce the electrostatic repulsion, crystal layers are not easily dispersed. Meanwhile, the branched-chain can be adsorbed simultaneously to multiple layers and crystal particles, thereby inhibiting the dispersion of clay particles and migration, play a role in stabilizing clay particles.

(1) Appearance: light yellow transparent viscous liquid;
(2) Density: 1.01 ~ 1.03g/cm3;
(3) Viscosity: 200 ~ 500mpa.s;
(4) cationic degree: ≥ 20%;
(5) anti-swelling capacity: ≥ 60%;
(6) anti-erosion ability of ≥ 90% (0.8cm)
(7) Temperature: 80 ℃;
(8) Effective content: ≥ 20%;
(9) water-soluble: Good;
(10) compatibility: good;

In water by adding 4 to 6% mix, fine sand strata directly into the formation per meter well section for the 3-4cm3, and well 24 hours to put into operation, sand control operations well in advance into the m well section 2.5 ~ 3cm3, shut 4 8 hours to work the next step.

25kg, 50kg plastic drum or 200kg metal pail.

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