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Corrosion Inhibitor

AU-7 Cooling Water Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

AU-7 Cooling Water Acid Corrosion Inhibitor




AU-7 Cooling Water Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

Although industrial cooling water by filtration, purification process, using water quality standards, but in the cycle of physical and chemical conditions change, water quality has changed, a variety of ion concentration, increasing the amount of dissolved gases, contact with the atmosphere produce bacteria and must therefore be corrosive to equipment, damage to production equipment, affecting the normal production run. Increase in the circulating water corrosion inhibitor is the most common method to reduce water on the corrosion of equipment, extending its life, increase productivity, organic phosphonic acid compounds as molecules in a stable CP bond, hydrolysis is not easy to have their good corrosion and scale, and thus widely used. However, previously used as low molecular weight organic acid, organic phosphoric acid group limited number, to use imposed. Therefore, we synthesized an unsaturated organic acid, and then make it aggregated to get diversity of high molecular weight organic acid polymer, the indoor experiments and field applications show that a good inhibition effect, inhibition rate, a kind of ideal cooling water corrosion inhibitor.

(1) Appearance: light brown viscous liquid;
(2) Density: 1.01 ~ 1.05g/cm3 (20/25 ℃);
(3) PH value: 3-5;
(4) water-soluble: Good;
(5) corrosion rate: 80%;
(6) inhibition rate: 80%;
(7) meet the PH range: 6 to 10.

(1) to cycle through the dosing device by adding water to;
(2) oil field water using the concentration of 30 ~ 60ppm, depending on the specific amount of water to determine the scaling trend;
(3) cooling water use, first with 350 ~ 450ppm pre-film 8 ~ 12h, then add 5 ~ 15ppm run.

(1) 200kg, 25kg plastic drum;
(2) transport to prevent collisions, extrusion, to prevent splashing into the human eye.
(3) products effective storage period of two years, should be stored in a cool ventilated place.

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