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Drilling fluid additives

AU-4 Clay Stabilizer

AU-4 Clay Stabilizer
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AU-4 Clay Stabilizer

Oil field injection, operation, drilling, fracturing and acidizing and other construction process, will inevitably produce clay swelling and migration, reducing the formation permeability, increased water injection and production difficulties, access to our extensive domestic and international data, based on research and development a new anti-swelling agent. It has low and uniform molecular weight, to prevent bridging and clogging pores in the sandstone surface of the performance of non-wetting, reduces the water saturation on the clay surface has a strong affinity, the ability of hydrocarbon and salt erosion, due to polymer chain of positively charged ions of chlorine and the fourth crystal layer between the clay and the surface of the low cation exchange, and "and in" the clay crystal layers and surface negative charge, so that crystal layer and reduce the electrostatic repulsion between the particles . Crystal layers instead of dispersing the Yi River; while the polymer chains can adsorb to more than one crystal layer and particles, thereby inhibiting the dispersion of clay particles and migration, play a role in stabilizing clay particles. The product is mainly suitable for low-permeability reservoir anti-swelling treatment.

(1) Appearance: dark brown transparent liquid;
(2) Density: 1.04 ~ 1.07g/cm3;
(3) Viscosity: 100 ~ 150mPa.S;
(4) Freezing point: ≤ -20 ℃;
(5) anti-swelling capacity (VH): ≥ 75%;
(6) anti-erosion ability: ≥ 90% (0.8cm / s);
(7) Temperature: ≤ 150 ℃;
(8) water-soluble: Good;
(9) compatibility: Good.

In the working solution by adding 2 ~ 4% AU-4 mix well.

25kg, 50kg plastic drum or 200kg metal pail. Products valid for two years.

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