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AU-18 Agent for Increasing Heavy Oil Production

AU-18 Agent for Increasing Heavy Oil Production




AU-18 Agent for Increasing Heavy Oil Production 


Crude oil in the resin and asphaltene content increased, on its viscosity, mobility variation, to the mining brought many difficulties over the years, crude oil extraction have been using thermal recovery method or the emulsion viscosity reduction method, made some effect, but the thermal recovery method investment in infrastructure is too large, the microscopic short-term benefits, emulsion viscosity reduction method in the application of single well on a smaller scale, and emulsion-breaking more difficult economic benefits were not evident. We have extensive access to domestic and international data, based on the development of a synthetic polymer-based heavy oil production agent, It can reduce the oil viscosity and pour point, has a certain ability to drive oil, salt resistance, the indoor and field tests proved that the increase of oil has good effects.

(1) Appearance: Black liquid;
(2) PH value (1% solution): 8 ~ 11;
(3) Solubility: completely dispersed in water;
(4) Density: 0.90 ~ 1.05g/cm3;
(5) improve the chemical flooding oil recovery: 10 to 15%;
(6) heavy oil viscosity reduction rate: ≥ 90%

The mechanism of action:
(1) reduce the oil-water interfacial tension, formation water to keep moist, thus reducing the oil flow resistance, to improve oil flow;
(2) make heavy oil to form O / W type emulsion, reducing its viscosity;
(3) changes in resin and asphaltene molecular structure to break down for the short-chain material, reducing its pour point and viscosity.

(1) the principle of well-made
①the size of crude acid 1mg / l of crude oil
②formation of residual oil saturation> 60%
③formation water calcium and magnesium ions ≤ 350mg / l
④formation clay content <8%
(2) on-site construction
①Preparation of 2% with water and heavy oil production agent
②Press the amount calculated radius of 2.0 ~ 3.0mm
③backwashing with water wells 1 to 2 weeks
④good yield with a pump will be prepared to squeeze into the strata agent, shut-18h after the open wells.

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