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AU-15 Chemical Cleaning Agent

AU-15 Chemical Cleaning Agent




AU-15 Chemical Cleaning Agent


AU-15 is available for a variety of industrial cleaning equipment, water supply and recycled water use efficient cleaning agent, at room temperature corrosion of metal pipes rust, all for a new dirt and debris of the hard have a good fast stripping and the erosion of the role of the cleaning process of carbon steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal corrosion was smaller. The product mainly by multi-acid polyelectrolytes, surfactants and organic amines, etc., it is used for water supply pipe cleaning, heat exchanger and cooling tower of dirt removal, boiler and metal containers of iron scale cleaning.

(1) Appearance: colorless or pale yellow liquid;
(2) Density: 1.03 ~ 1.08g/cm3;
(3) content: ≥ 50%;
(4) Solubility: good;
(5) pH: acidic.

According to the dirt level in the water adding amount of this product, wash water cycle at room temperature, PH value of 3.5 to keep the water heated cleaning better.

Plastic drum: 200kg, 50kg, 25kg / barrel.

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