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AU-14 Scale Remover

AU-14 Scale Remover




AU-14 Scale Remover

The code or alias:
AU-14, also known as metal lotion.

Second, properties and uses:
Mainly used in industrial boilers, heat exchanger cleaning equipment scale, it effectively to calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon and other metal salts dirt, and can effectively prevent equipment corrosion.

(1) Appearance: light yellow or transparent liquid;
(2) Density: (g / cm) 3:1.08 ~ 1.12;
(3) Solubility: soluble in any ratio;
(4) cleaning rate:> 80%;
(5) corrosion rate of <95%.

Usage & Packing:
5 to 10 times diluted with water before use, pump equipment, the best release in 4 hours, in the first alkaline and then rinse with water to ensure the safety of equipment. Plastic drum.

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