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AU-13 Crude Oil Cleaner

AU-13 Crude Oil Cleaner




AU-13 Crude Oil Cleaner


Oil cleaning agent is a multi-component mixtures containing penetrants, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, enhancers, cosolvent, stabilizer. It can be used in oil well shaft in the process of cleaning operation to remove the walls of the tubing sets of crude oil and dirt, remove the bottom of the dead oil and bitumen can be used for downhole tools, machinery and equipment hazards, and do not pollute the environment and other advantage, is widely used.

(1) Appearance: light yellow liquid;
(2) Density: (g/cm3): 1.03 ~ 1.05;
(3) static wash oil rate (%): 95;
(4) dynamic wash oil rate (%): 98;
(5) core damage rate (%): 3;
(6) Water solubility: completely dissolved;
(7) PH value (4% water solution): 8-10.

(1) The product uses a concentration of 3 to 5%, thick oil when appropriate to improve concentration;
(2) The product temperature must be greater than 40 ℃;
(3) The design concentration is added to water or sewage, mix well;
(4) washing the wellbore with a pump cycle; cleaning pipe, the oscillation may be appropriate to improve the cleaning efficiency.


200kg plastic drum. Can also be changed according to user needs for the small package.

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