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AU-11 Cleanup Additive

AU-11 Cleanup Additive




AU-11 Cleanup Additive


Using it can significantly improve the job after the residue flowback speed and the rate of flowback.

 Reduce the working fluid formation damage. The cleanup additive with water-based fracturing fluid,

acid good compatibility, heat resistance up to 130 ° C

(1) Appearance: light yellow liquid;
(2) Density: (20 ℃) ​​g/cm3: 1.01 ~ 1.02;
(3) Freezing point (℃): ≤ -10;
(4) PH value: 6-7;
(5) Solubility: soluble in water, saline or acid;
(6) compatibility: non-ionic and ionic surfactant, and other types of additive compatibility.
(7) Surface tension mN / m: ≤ 30;
(8) interfacial tension mN / m: ≤ 1.5;
(9) contact angle: ≥ 45 degrees.

Directly into fresh water, salt or acid can be in the mix (using the concentration of 0.3 ~ 0.5%).

(1) 200kg metal pail, but also be packed according to user requirements;
(2) transportation to anti-collision, blow;
(3) the effective storage period is two years;
(4) is stored in a cool ventilated place.

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